Red River Valley Reefers

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October 1st 2016

Red River Valley Fairgrounds

West Fargo ND

Welcome to the Red River Reef and Reptile Expo!

The Red River Reef and Reptile Expo is Fargo/Moorhead's leading vendor based show for exotic reef and reptile hobbies. The expo started in January 2013 as the Fargo Frag Swap which was a successful first run at a Reef based event in Fargo, ND. We received great comments from both attendees and vendors and were even featured on two of the local news stations in the first year. The event evolved through cooperation with local reptile enthusiasts to form the Red River Reef and Reptile Expo which was held in October 2014. We had an amazing list of vendors for the first combined event and had a great turnout for attendees. We hope to see the event grow into the future and add new and exciting products, livestock and educational content to the area.

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Our Mission:

Our mission with the Red River Reef and Reptile Expo is to bring top of the line vendors to the hobbiests in the area while making a difference supporting charitable organizations related to our hobby.

Midwest Aquarium Servicess Seachem JurassiPet Aquarium Depot
JSA Reptiles
Tiatake Pets
Red River Valley Fair
ValleyCon 42

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